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Sports Diet for Tennis Players

Simple & Sustainable

Tennis as a game  needs players to float around the court as quickly as possible. Players will need to develop that reservoir of energy to keep themselves floating till the end of the game. Foods high in carbohydrates will provide the necessary energy, so this should be the base of the pre-match tennis diet.

 The meals and snacks should be moderate in protein and low in fat. Good options would be whole-wheat pasta and bread, oatmeal, fresh low-calorie fruits. Drinking adequate amount of water throughout the day to keep themselves hydrated and have energies flowing smoothly.  foods with anti inflammatory properties should be part of a players diet to help them recover fast from any kind of injuries during practice hours.  though fats provide high energy it is better to stay away from fats to keep oneself from putting in weight.   A common trait I have observed in most of the players is they are skinny or athletic. and that’s very important in the game of tennis to be agile in their movements on the court. 

Some more foods that can be a part of our diet could be a chicken and salad sandwich, spaghetti Bolognese or muesli with fruit. They may also top up with small snacks such as yoghurt, fruit or a handful of nuts.